Reviews and Articles:


Inland Empire Weekly - Review August 2009 by Stacy Davies

LOS ANGELES TIMES, INLAND VALLEY TIMES  - Review, August 16, 2001, by Nadra Kareem

ART PAPERS – Review, Jan/Feb 2000, by Gilbert Alter-Gilbert, Pg. 53.

WORLD SCUPTURE NEWS – “Ephemeral Visions”, Summer 1999, by  M.A. Greenstein, Pgs. 37 –43.

NEW ART EXAMINER – “Suvan Geer” September 1999 by Jacqueline Cooper, pp. 57-8.

LOS ANGELES TIMES – Orange County Edition, “Geer: Pieces and Quiet”, By Zan Dubin, Pg. F1 & 27

ARTSCENE – “Suvan Geer” June, 1999 By Shirle Gottlieb

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER – “Intelligent Art”, May 9, 1999, By Daniella Walsh, Pg. 27

LOS ANGELES TIMES – OC Edition, “Looking Ahead”, Jan.2, 1999, By Cathy Curtis, Pg. F2

PUBLIC ART REVIEW –“Expanding Environments: Transforming Metaphors of Identity”, Fall/Winter 1998, By Lenore Metrick, Pgs. 32 –34.

LOS ANGELES TIMES - Orange County Edition, "A Meaningful Feast", Dec. 3, 1997, By Cathy Curtis

ARTWEEK, "Suvan Geer at El Camino College", May 1996, By Devorah Knaff, Pg. 27

PRESS-ENTERPRISE - "Sculpture Has Interactive Role", Jan. 18, 1996,   By Devorah Knaff

ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER-"Nature re-(Contained)", Oct. 22, 1995, By Daniella Walsh

LOS ANGELES TIMES- Orange County Edition,  Oct. 10, 1995, By Cathy Curtis

L. A. READER, "Pick of the Week,  July 11 1994, By Peter Frank

LOS  ANGELES TIMES- OC Edition, "Fashioning A Fresher Perspective", April 21, 1994, by Cathy Curtis

PRESS TELEGRAM, "Brave New World of Art Galleries", Jan 30. 1994, By Peter Frank, Pg. 16

ARTWEEK, "Striking A Balance",  Oct. 21, 1993,   by Charlene Roth, Pg. 17

ARTWEEK,  "RuthAnn Anderson and Suvan Geer", Sept. 23, 1993, Pg..24

VISIONS, "Quiet Places", Spring 1993, by  Michael Laurence,  Pg. 43

ARTWEEK, "Four Sites, January 23, 1992, by Susan Wiggins, Pg.11


Suvan Geer
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